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Our store is the number one provider of quality costume accessories in Salem, OR. We are not just blowing smoke with our business name-we really can dress you up from head to toe with great costumes and accessories. We have all kinds of costume accessories so whether you buy an actual costume from us or have made one of your own, we will be able to help you put the finishing touches on it. Customize your costume and make it stand out with costume accessories.
As always, you can bet on everyday low prices here at Deluxe Costumes Head to Toe LLC and our accessories are not an exception to that rule. Take a look at some of the items we have:

  • Makeup—Looking to create real life wound effects on your face or body? Do you want to look more like your favorite celebrity? If so then let us help you find the makeup you will need to complete the illusion.
  • Props—Whether you need the Hammer of the Gods to complete your Thor costume or a pretty fairy wand to make your little girls fantasy complete, you can count on us to have hundreds of props available at any given time.
  • Wigs—Wigs are essential to most costumes and here at Deluxe Costumes Head to Toe LLC, we have tons of them.
  • Tights and Show Covers—Complete your costume with costume accessories such as tights and show covers.
Ours is the widest selection of versatile and realistic costume accessories in Salem, OR so don’t waste your time shopping with the other guys.

Make sure you get what you need with one stop by shopping with us!

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